The Power of Networking and Perseverance

This item showed up on my LinkedIn feed earlier this year.

“I reached out to 6,781 people on LinkedIn during my career search last year. I started at 4 AM and stopped at midnight daily. Out of all those people, 89 people wrote me back with advice, 28 people helped me remold my resume, 19 people took that remolded resume to their boss, 1 person’s boss took a chance on me.  I appreciate your leap of faith, MedStar. Now, it’s my turn to pay it forward.  Hang in there and keep fighting. When it gets bleak, remind yourself that you are a winner ad you will eventually WIN THE DAY!”

What do I find most compelling from this individual’s story?

  • Networking is a powerful tool; it is unlikely that at the start of his/her search, this person knew each of the 6,871 individuals he/she ultimately reached out to
  • Committing the time to execute your search is very important
  • There is someone out there waiting to hire you; you just might not have met them yet
  • Never give up, good things happen to those who persevere
By Mitch Lederman
Mitch Lederman Sr. Associate Director, Career Development & Coaching