Is Your Job Search Stalled?

If your job search, career change, or other professional goal is stalled, look back at your follow-through. Did someone make a suggestion that you haven’t yet tried? Do you owe a networking contact a response? Have you been meaning to make the edits on your resume or LinkedIn profile but just haven’t?

In a recent Forbes article, Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a principal with Six Figure Start, shares five traits that separate job seekers who get hired from those that do not. According to Caroline, each of the five traits are related to follow-through.

#1- Decisiveness means you commit to following through.

#2 – Beginner’s Mind enables you to get over the discomfort of following through with new, unfamiliar actions.

#3 – The Willingness to Course-Correct means you hear tough feedback and follow through on making changes.

#4 – Discipline means you stick to the follow-through despite a wane in motivation or misgivings about what’s next (or whatever is tempting you on Netflix!).

#5 – Persistence means you stay with the follow-through long enough for it to work. How reliable is your follow-through?

Read the full article here.

Now follow through on one outstanding item on your To Do list  while this is fresh in your mind. Let us know what happens!

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director