Can I use MaysConnect after I accept an internship?

Congratulations!  You’ve landed an internship and are planning logistics for your summer work experience.  You’ve updated Sarah Bugh (who quietly celebrates your success in her office) and changed your MaysConnect status to Position Accepted.  You’ll probably notice that your MaysConnect landing page looks different.

Before changing your status to Position Accepted, your landing page looked something like the one on the left.  Lots of information about OCRs, Job Opportunities and more.  After changing your status to Position Accepted, the landing page looks much more subdued, like the one on the right.


The good news is, you can still use MaysConnect to research full time opportunities, RSVP to information sessions and sign up for workshops.  All the menu options at the top of the screen work just as before.  Even though you’ve accepted an internship, continue to  learn about your industry of choice, attend info sessions to make connections with recruiters (they’ll remember you come Fall recruiting!) and sharpen your skills with workshops.


By Desiree Wilson
Desiree Wilson Associate Director, Employer Services