How to Choose a Consulting Firm: An MBA Student’s Experience

How do I choose a consulting firm?

Check out these pointers shared by a 2nd Year MBA from UNC.  The student discusses her Deloitte Consulting internship experience and the factors that ultimately led her to choose Deloitte for her full-time position rather than her other options.  She addresses questions from the Vault interviewer such as (1) What first attracted you to Deloitte?  (2) What experiences there convinced you this was the right place to launch your post-MBA career?  (3) Can you tell us more about the work you did as an intern and the overall summer experience?  (4) How do you think the internship prepared you for the full-time role?  (5)  Has the internship helped with your MBA studies (or vice-versa)?

If you are considering a consulting career (and particularly one with Deloitte), this short article may provide you with some useful insights.

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director Kim Austin