Your Finance Pitch in 4 Simple Steps

No matter where you are headed for finance positions, using  Breaking into Wall Street’s suggestions for “telling your story” can be very helpful.  Here is a quick overview of how to structure your story:

  1.  The “Beginning”  (your background)
  2. Your Finance “Spark”  (the specific person, event, or experience that interested you in a finance career)
  3. Your Growing Interest (how that interest developed and changed over time)
  4. Why You’re Here Today and Your Future (why this firm and this group are a perfect fit for your long-term plans)

If you are an undergrad, start with #1. If you are an MBA-level candidate, start with #2.  If you are far beyond that as an experienced hire, launch the conversation with #3.    For more help crafting your story, make an appointment with one of our career coaches.  Make an appointment by calling 979-845-1998 or stop by our offices in 383 Wehner.



By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director Kim Austin