From Non-Target School to Top Investment Bank

How do you get into a top investment bank when your school isn’t on the radar?  Brian DeChesare, founder of Mergers and Inquisitions and Breaking into Wall Street shared tips from one of his readers on how to do just that.  The advice was summarized to these key points:

  • Start networking FAR in advance.
  • Use LinkedIn to find name but then send short, personalized emails to contact them.
  • Go to New York for face-to-face meetings.
  • Don’t get discouraged with the “No’s”—just keep going.
  • Be prepared for technical questions.

For more information, read the full blog article here.  If you are considering a finance career, you really should be a regular reader of Mergers and Inquisitions.  It is filled with prep tips and suggestions.

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director Kim Austin