Connect! Be Active in Your Job Search

The job search process is often time-consuming and frustrating.  But, diving in with both feet is necessary if you wish to land that dream job or progress within your current employer.  So, if we know we must seek, its best to do so as effectively and efficiently as possible.  An essential component is to BE ACTIVE.  This means getting out from behind your computer…to stop hitting submit and blindly sending resumes out to recruiters.

So, what SHOULD you do?  The author in the article below recommends that you “focus on making personal connections in the industry.”  Read the article below for suggestions on how to do just that.

Article: How to Get Your Cover Letter and Resume into the Right Hands by Vault Career

(The post was excerpted from the new Vault Guide to Social Media, Second Edition.)

By Sarah Bugh
Sarah Bugh Associate Director & Career Coach