The Landscape for Consulting Case Interviews

In chapter 6 of his book, Crack the Case System: How to Conquer Your Case Interviews, David Ohrvall discusses the interview landscape with four different types of interviews you may encounter with a consulting firm:

  • Resume, Leadership & Persuasion
  • Fit & Personality
  • Market Sizing & Brainteaser Cases
  • Business Cases

These may vary by firm, interviewer or the candidate’s level of education or experience.  Some may overlap or be embedded into another case.

For MBAs and other graduate students, expect to see more business-oriented analytical cases. Plan for emphasis on the business case with an overview of your resume and discussion on your leadership experience.   For undergraduates, the interview may include a business case but the emphasis will more likely be on math and analytical skills used in a market sizing or brainteaser case. Leadership and fit will also be discussed.

You can check out copies of David Ohrvall’s book, Crack the Case System: How to Conquer Your Case Interviews, from the Career Management Center. Or, if you prefer, order your own copy from bookstores such as, Barnes& or your other favorite bookseller.  This is an excellent resource to help you get up-to-speed for consulting interviews. Mr. Ohrvall also visits our campus to present case workshops for our graduate students each year.  Stay tuned for announcements for fall 2018 sessions!

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director