Article: Using 3 Brain States to Connect with Others

Attending graduate school is a time of amazing growth and development.  The opportunity to work and learn alongside outstanding faculty and staff as well as peers with diverse backgrounds is often a life-altering experience.  However, it is also a time of uncertainty and stress.  Schedules are packed with academics and social commitments while deadlines, whether academic or career, come one after the next.

According to an article titled Using 3 Brain States to Connect with Others, Susan Whitcomb outlines the states in which you may find yourself: Survival State, Emotional State, and the Executive State.  According to the author, “with awareness of these three brain states, we can better understand how to connect with others, whether they be family members, coworkers, bosses, employment interviews, clients, etc.”

Read Using 3 Brain States to Connect with Others to learn more on this important topic.

By Sarah Bugh
Sarah Bugh Associate Director & Career Coach