One-Way Interview Tip: Mind Your Background (from Spark Hire)

“Quick Tip: [When conducting a virtual interview,] mind your background and lighting.

Take the time to tidy up your interviewing space before recording any answers. Your desk might be a mess because you have a lot going on, but if that can be seen by the company it’ll look like you’re disorganized instead of busy.

Having proper lighting is also important. If the lighting is too bright, you may be hurting the other person’s eyes. If the lighting is too dark, they will have to strain in order to see you. Avoid having any light behind you, even if it’s coming from a window. When light hits a webcam, it will compensate by going dark and you’ll end up looking like a faceless shadow, therefore, have light facing you. To ensure you have the best lighting, sit down before your interview and see what works best.”

By Sarah Bugh
Sarah Bugh Associate Director & Career Coach