Success Story: Robyn Peters, MBA Class of 2015, and Deloitte Consultant

Robyn Peters wondered if she belonged in a top MBA program when she stepped foot on the Mays campus. Two years later, she ended up the valedictorian for the Class of 2015. During her two-year MBA experience, Peters volunteered to lead whenever she could, serving as a vice president for Texas A&M’s chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs and the Mays Business School MBA Association. The example she set made her a natural to be both a liaison with prospective students and a class agent with alumni. Now she continues to lead but it is in the workplace rather than the classroom.  After graduation, Robyn joined Deloitte Consulting’s Houston practice.  Now, a mere three years later, she is a Manager for Digital Finance at Deloitte Consulting in Dallas.  In this role, she helps CFOs define their vision for the future finance function.

When asked why she chose the Mays Business School, Robyn explained, “I was looking for an MBA program that met three key criteria: 1) Strong return on investment; 2) A robust curriculum that would allow me to round out my business acumen, and 3) A smaller program where I would be more than a student ID number. Mays Business School far exceeded my expectations in all three.”

“The biggest lesson I gained from my time at Mays is what that overused, ambiguous phrase “Your network is your net worth” really means and how to use it. The Aggie Network is over 300,000 strong and although that can seem intimidating, leveraging the right contacts appropriately can make a significant difference in outcomes – a job interview, a critical data point, etc. Also, I’ve learned not to reach out to my network only when I need something but to foster those relationships on a personal level as well.”

(revised, edited and updated from a story published in  June 2015 by Poets and Quants)



By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director