Cover Letter to Interest Employers – Get Some Positive Points Before the Interview

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According to statistical surveys, it takes the time of 6 seconds for many of the hiring managers to consider the resume. How do you assess your chances of getting a job quickly? Do you believe that there is an effective way to make you an ideal candidate in the eyes of the employer? Well, then you should definitely find out what a cover letter is. This is a short text that adds depth to your resume, provides additional information about you as a person and a valuable employee. From this article, you will learn why it is needed, how to write it correctly and why you may need a resume and cover letter writers in this process.

Why Does It Work?

Very often, applicants underestimate the role of a cover letter, thinking that the resume should speak for itself. But the truth is that hundreds of resumes of the same type appear daily before the employer. Unfortunately, it is rare that an employer has time to imbue the lines of your resume. It takes seconds to learn it. With the help of a cover letter, you can keep the attention of HR and be remembered.

Where to Find Help?

Simply copying a finished cover letter from the Internet is a really bad idea. This immediately repels the employer, because you are not specifically interested in his company. But no one forbids using the services and applications specially designed for constructing your own cover letter. For example, there are special resume and cover letter writers that can personalize the cover letter, write it in a professional manner in order to increase your chances of success.

Do Not Look for Easy Ways

Wrong WayVery often we try to simplify our task, but this is not the case. A ready-made resume from the Internet will certainly save you time, but as a result, it will introduce you as a lazy and non-creative person. Another common mistake is sending of one universal cover letter for all possible vacancies. Cover letters are really read by employers because, with their help, the employer will know your goals and motivation. This document reveals you as a person and allows you to not to be evaluated by a set of facts about you. Therefore, it is worth trying.

The Beginning of the Cover Letter

Never use general references that are not directed to anyone specifically. It is very good if you know the name of the hiring manager or the head of the department in which you want to work. No need to submit or duplicate a resume in your letter. Better start with why you liked this company and the vacancy it offered. Use a cover letter to complete and contribute your resume, not to duplicate it.

Focus on How You Can Be Beneficial to the Company

Do not try to focus on what the company can give you. On the contrary, the hiring manager should see in you the missing piece of the puzzle. Try to identify the company’s pain points – problems that they need to solve. Therefore, you need not only to talk about your professional experience but to revive it, to show how important it is for the development of this particular company.

Show the Results You Have Reached

Results - No ExcusesEmployers tend to trust numbers and statistics. Do not focus on your education, better show the results that you have achieved with its help. It’s not necessary to go deeper into the numbers, it’s enough to show that you doubled the flow of customers, optimized the work process by 40%. But also remember that honesty is important here. Do not lie in the cover letter, because these indicators are easy to verify by a single call to the previous place of work.

Details Are Important

Do not forget to check and proofread the document for grammatical and stylistic errors. Focus on the company. Learn the features of the firm in which you dream to work. This will determine if you should add creativity to the structure of your cover letter. Do not try to turn a cover letter into a memoir. Make it concise and accurate.


Of course, your professionalism provides a great part of success, but no need to rely on chance. It is important to do everything possible so that precisely your resume enthrall the eye of HR; it is your story that should catch it. The good cover letter can add resume value in most of the cases if it was written in an appropriate way. Therefore, it is so important to make this document qualitative, it is even useful to use the help of specialists – resume and cover letter writers. There are no second chances to rectify the first impression. Do your best to get a dream job.

By James Allender
James Allender