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Resume Dilemma: You Are Too Young for the Job

Although, interviewers are not supposed to ask for your age during interviews to prevent age discrimination which is against the law, age discrimination still continues to prevail in the job market every single day. And employers can easily get a …

By Jessy Lee
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5 Ways To Stand Out When Applying For A New Job

With hundreds or even thousands of prospective choices for a single role, HR will often single out candidates for follow-up who make their job easier. Attracting their attention in a bad way (by being sloppy or impolite), on the other …

By Joe Bushby
Joe Bushby
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The Top 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Job Interviews

Getting that first interview is usually the most exciting part of the job application process. You’ve done your research and spent days, sometimes even weeks perfecting your resume and cover letter. And then, the waiting game.

But have you ever …

By Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose Digital Marketer and Blogger
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