Kim Austin


Kim Austin

The director of the Mays Business School Career Management Center, Kim Austin has more than 13 years of experience leading university and business school career services.  Prior to joining Texas A&M, she led career centers for the SMU Cox School of Business as executive director for the MBA, MS and BBA career centers and at Brigham Young University’s Hawaii campus and directed a global employment initiative for students from Asia and the Pacific Rim countries. She is certified as a Job and Career Transition coach and is trained to administer and interpret the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory assessment tools.

Kim has more than 20 years of experience as a marketing strategist in the health care industry, government sector and the apparel industry.  She spent 12 years working in Asia, including five living and working in China.

Austin holds a cooperative business education and a BBA in marketing from the University of North Texas. In addition, she is a graduate of the Executive Program in Health Care Administration at The Ohio State University. She is actively involved in the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA), the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). She has served in a wide variety of leadership roles in both professional and community organizations. She is currently serving on the board of directors for the National Association of Women MBAs.  In her spare time, Kim enjoys international travel and family history research.

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Advice for International Students Interested in Consulting Roles

Marc Cosentino’s Advice for International Students Interested in Consulting Roles

I’ve advised thousands of international students pursuing careers in consulting. Most of these students initially wanted to work in the U.S. before returning to their home countries. While many were …

By Marc Cosentino
Marc Cosentino Founder and CEO
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5 Hiring Trends in Private Equity

(Shared from The, 12 Aug 2019, )

The modern private equity industry, dating to the founding of KKR & Co. (NYSE: KKR) in 1976, has entered its fifth decade. Founder-cousins Henry Kravis and George Roberts have reached their mid-70s …

By David M. Toll
David M. Toll
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The New Hiring Practices at McKinsey and Goldman Sachs

Have you ever stopped to think how absurd recruiting is? You meet a company for a total of two hours or at most two days and then youand the companybasically have to decide if you want to enter a …

By Stephanie Denning
Stephanie Denning Forbes Contributor
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MBArk on a Journey in the Natural Products Industry

Interested in natural products and sustainability?  MBArk is an organization that develops programs to promote and accelerate synergy between triple-bottom-line businesses within the natural foods industry and the new generation of progressive MBA students and business schools. The organization sponsors …

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director Kim Austin
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Lessons on Leadership from Captains Lewis and Clark by Janette Barnard

This weekend I listened to a very interesting LinkedIn article voiced in a podcast by one of our Mays MBA grads, Janette Barnard.  She shared leadership insights she gained from reading the Stephen Ambrose bestseller book, Undaunted Courage:  Meriwether Lewis, …

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director Kim Austin
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Putting Humanity into HR Compliance: Every HR Professional Needs Negotiation Skills

(Article shared from the SHRM newsletter on 15 April 2019

When I was a labor and employment attorney and mediator, negotiations were my life-blood. My negotiation skills had a direct correlation with my ability to serve clients or persuade disputing …

By Jathan Janove, J.D.
Jathan Janove, J.D.
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JPMorgan’s Investment Bank is Scrapping On-Campus Visits in Favor of Video Interviews and Online Games

(Shared from Business Insider article dated 20 March 2019)
No longer coming to a school near you.

JPMorgan Chase’s investment bank, one of the largest in the world, is scrapping the annual college-recruiting visits that have launched generations of investment …

By Dakin Campbell
Dakin Campbell
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The 5 Things All Great Salespeople Do

Shared from (the Harvard Business Review), article by Joseph Curtis, 18 Dec 2018

The best salespeople know they’re the best. They take pride in their art form. They separate themselves from the rest of the pack regardless of circumstance. …

By Joseph Curtis
Joseph Curtis VP of Enterprise Sales at Salesforce
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Lessons Learned During My Summer at Deloitte Consulting

Work Hard / Play Hard

My project had some long days and stressful moments, but Deloitte knows how to “wine and dine” us interns! We entertained a client at the Astros game, toured a local Houston brewery, and had multiple opportunities …

By Lauren Isaacson
Lauren Isaacson MBA student
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My Experience Interning at Dell

This summer I gained my first experience working in the corporate world after many years in public education. My summer internship with Dell was in the commercial marketing division for North America, and I was able to use my prior …

By Katherine (Katie) Seely
Katherine (Katie) Seely
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