Job Seekers: Know Your “In”


LinkedIn has introduced new insights to help with your job search.  No longer is it enough to simply know the job requirements.  In today’s job search, you also need to know if you have any connections at the company, if …

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director Kim Austin
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Effective Email Communications for US Job Search


So much is communicated when conducting your job search via email.  Sometimes it’s not what you’re intending! Watch this brief video from Beyond B-School for insights.

By Desiree Wilson
Desiree Wilson Associate Director, Employer Services Desiree Wilson
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5 steps for a killing Cover Letter

5 steps for a killing Cover Letter thumbnail image

According to the statistics, employers take 5-10 seconds to scan each cover letter, which means you quickly need to give a good first impression. Some people use the same cover letter for every role they apply for, but this is …

By Looksharp
Find Paid Internships and Entry-Level Jobs
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