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Lessons on Leadership from Captains Lewis and Clark by Janette Barnard

This weekend I listened to a very interesting LinkedIn article voiced in a podcast by one of our Mays MBA grads, Janette Barnard.  She shared leadership insights she gained from reading the Stephen Ambrose bestseller book, Undaunted Courage:  Meriwether Lewis, …

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director
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Putting Humanity into HR Compliance: Every HR Professional Needs Negotiation Skills

(Article shared from the SHRM newsletter on 15 April 2019

When I was a labor and employment attorney and mediator, negotiations were my life-blood. My negotiation skills had a direct correlation with my ability to serve clients or persuade disputing …

By Jathan Janove, J.D.
Jathan Janove, J.D.
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Whatever It Takes

When I was growing up, I idolized ballplayers who scrapped and worked hard to do what the team needed. They were always “whatever it takes” guys; lay down a bunt, hit behind the runner, hit the ball in the air …

By Michael K. Shaub
Michael K. Shaub Clinical Professor & Director of Deloitte Professional Program Director
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How to Build Confidence at Work: 6 Practical Tactics (Part 2) | Your Best Professional Self Series

(Shared from the Ivy Exec newsletter)

Confidence is a major contributing factor to accomplishing our goals and how we are perceived in the workplace— but it’s not a naturally occurring trait in all of us. For those who already feel …

By Lin Grensing-Pophal
Lin Grensing-Pophal
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Defining Confidence: What Does Professional Confidence Look Like? (Part 1) | Your Best Professional Self Series

It’s a new year and professionals of all stripes are looking to hit the ground running at work and go for it. The challenge: many lack, or feel that they lack, the confidence to really make an impact. But, what …

By Lin Grensing-Pophal
Lin Grensing-Pophal
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