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Viewpoint: 6 Smart Strategies for Front-Line Managers

(Shared from the SHRM Online blog/news, 8 April 2019)

Working in HR and managing people offer many different challenges, but there are some that come back again and again—and they usually aren’t the hassles that arise when writing policies or complying with …

By Paul Falcone
Paul Falcone Author & Contributor to SHRM Online
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“Let Your Horses Run”

(Thoughts on leadership penned by Michael A. Rodenberg, Chairman and  CEO of Murikami Manufacturing, USA, Inc. and Director of Murakami Corporation, North and South America; shared from his LinkedIn post)

In 2011, I returned to Kentucky for an opportunity to …

By Michael A. Rodenberg
Michael A. Rodenberg Chairman and CEO
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Expert tips for First-Time Managers

As a new manager, you’ll need to do more with less. Three experienced managers offer advice to help you get it done. 

Some people fall into management positions, some people work their way up the ladder to get into management …

By Matt Krumrie
Matt Krumrie Contributing Writer
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Inclusion at Work Starts with Creating Pathways to Belonging

(This post was written by Kathy Gurchiek was shared by Society from Human Resources Management, March 21, 2019.)

Our basic need for belonging can lead us to “demonize” people who we see as being different from ourselves and to create divisiveness. …

By Kathy Gurchiek
Kathy Gurchiek
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Executive Presence: An Interview with Author Sylvia Ann Hewlett

This post written by Connie Blasczcyk was shared from the Monster Resource Center.)

In her latest book, Executive Presence: The Missing Link between Merit and Success, author Sylvia Ann Hewlett investigates the characteristics of executive presence (EP)  — and how it is …

By Connie Blaszczyk
Connie Blaszczyk Managing Editor
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