5 Mindsets of Highly Effective Sellers


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Great sellers are able to understand why they sell a product and how it will genuinely help their customer, resulting in a natural sales process and experience.

Even the most basic sales training make an average seller out …

By Matt Ehrlichman
Matt Ehrlichman
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18 Books & Articles Every Tech-Bound MBA Needs to Read


Tech-bound MBA students often ask me for my favorite books and articles, especially as they pertain to these frequently asked questions:

INTRODUCTION TO ROLES  (What are the differences between product management & product marketing?)

By Lewis Lin
Lewis Lin Founder and CEO
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3 Product Manager Interview Types

The Financial Case Interview logo

Interest in Product Management roles at top technology companies like Amazon and Google is taking off. And it’s easy to see why: strong compensation packages, significant responsibility, great perks and an opportunity to ship products that will impact the lives of …

By Kenton Kivestu
Kenton Kivestu Founder and CEO
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Answering Off-the-Wall Interview Questions

Lewis Lin

(Guest post authored by Lewis C. Lin, CEO of Impact Interview.  Lewis will speak at the Mays Business School on Friday, August 24th.  Mark your calendars now!)

A popular, off-the-wall interview question is:

If you could be any animal, which …

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5 Super Short TED Talks for 5 Super Common Work Situations.

Do you sometimes feel like the right advice for your problems are just one Google search away—but you can’t even find the time to do that search?

We hear you! You’re busy doing your job, leaving little time to actually …

By Desiree Wilson
Desiree Wilson Associate Director, Employer Services Desiree Wilson
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