Learn Educate Discover podcasts recreate the casual coffee chat that many would have, when reaching out to someone and try and understand what they do in detail – What is a typical day like? What are the interesting aspects of the job? What are the challenges? What kind of stressful situations do they face? What kind of person would do well in that job?  Most episodes on LED have a discussion with someone from a particular profession – the goal being that someone listening should be able to get an initial idea of whether they would enjoy that job or not, and if yes, how can they explore that job further.  Just a few topics covered include Product Management (with a Senior PM at LinkedIn), Investment Banking (with a banker at Deutsche Bank), Product Marketing (with a PMM at Facebook), Venture Capitalist (with a Principal at Storm Ventures), and more.  Listen to the podcasts on ITunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud.