The Hedgehog Project

Explore MBA career paths through The Hedgehog Project’s collection of video career stories from professionals in the field. These are recorded for the specific purpose of helping MBA candidates make better career path decisions.

  • Multiple career stories within each of 10 relevant MBA tracks
  • Career story diversity across a range of companies, industries, tenure in role, ethnicity and gender, and international background.
  • Edited down to 10-15 minutes of the most compelling and engaging advice to help MBA candidates
  • Accessible by mobile browser, the collection contains 40+ stories, over 8 hours of video, with additional stories to be added through the fall.

Hedgehog stories are designed as a resource for the “front end” of the career discovery process.  Explore multiple perspectives from people who genuinely enjoy and find meaning in their work so that they can begin to see themselves (or not) in those roles.

The Hedgehog Project targets first year MBA students, but other groups may find these stories helpful: pre-matriculation MBA candidates, returning second year MBAs considering a change after their internships, MBA alumni in the first 1-5 years post-graduation who are now exploring alternate paths.

One thing that the Hedgehog Project isn’t… It is not intended to be a comprehensive resource for the recruiting process.  For example, there is no tactical (and critically important) advice for how to shape a resume for the management consulting track or how to prepare for case interviews.  The Hedgehog Project is helpful early in the journey and is intended to be complementary to the important follow-on work of company research, 1:1 networking, resume critiques, and interview practice.