Preparing Your Interview Stories

Interviewing is about telling your story in a value-added manner. Interviewers want to hear what you have actually done in real-world situations, not what you think will do in a given situation. That is the crux of behavioral interviewing and the best time to prepare your stories are before the interview when you are calm and relaxed.

As noted by Kat Boogaard in 6 types of stories you should have on hand for job interviews (written for The Muse), “your best bet is to have a few stories prepared and ready to go for your next interview.” Specifically, Kat recommends the below six stories, stating “They’re general enough that they can be used for a variety of questions, but specific enough that the person asking will feel like he or she’s getting a good, solid, detail-filled response.”

  • When you solved a problem
  • When you overcame a challenge
  • When you made a mistake
  • When you worked as a leader
  • When you worked with a team
  • When you did something interesting

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By Mitch Lederman
Mitch Lederman Sr. Associate Director, Career Development & Coaching