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5 Tips for a Career Change | How to Stay Realistic and Positive

Illustration by Marian Blair

Trying to transition to the social-impact sector, or maybe you’re just looking for a career change in general? First of all, congratulations. The choice to do something meaningful to you is a brave one. If it’s …

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Target the Right Employers: Four Steps to Build Your List Fast

Did you know you have access to many great resources provided by the Mays Career Management Center? Check out one of our many great resources, Beyond B-School where you get access to career experts. The following article is an excerpt …

By Sarah David
Sarah David Associate Director & Career Coach
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How to Explain Technical Information to Non-Techies

(This post was shared from Quick Base.)

No one doubts the intelligence of technical people, but that doesn’t mean they’re good at everything. One of the areas where many could use some improvement is communicating technical information to non-techies.

Techies …

By Anita Bruzzese
Anita Bruzzese
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4 Skills You Need as a Product Manager

(This post was written by Kenton Kivestu was shared from Vault, 13 November 2018.)

Product management is a demanding job. On any given day, a PM at a company like Google, Amazon, or Facebook might plow through a range of …

By Kenton Kivestu
Kenton Kivestu Founder and CEO of Rocket Blocks
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Tech Jobs in Salt Lake City: What You Need to Know

(This post is shared from the Indeed Prime Resources blog.)
With its family-friendly culture, exciting outdoor activities and proximity to five stunning national parks, Salt Lake City is a prime location to start or grow a career of any kind—especially …

By Allison Cavin
Allison Cavin
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