Interview Feedback: Should I Request It or Not?

Is It a Bad Idea to Request Feedback After an Interview?

The Ask Vault advice column addressed this question in a recent post.  I thought the article made some excellent points and provided useful suggestions to candidates.  This is a quick read and well worth your time.

Know upfront that requesting interview feedback can be a risky move on your part.  If you decide to pursue it, consider the timing and the wording of the request.  If you didn’t make it past the initial interview or the phone screen, it is probably not worth asking.  The chances are that you simply are not qualified for that job or perhaps would not fit well with the company culture. Receiving feedback regarding a phone screen or initial interview will not help you become a better candidate moving forward.  On the other hand, if you made it to the final round of interviews and yet were not selected, you may receive more constructive feedback that could help you improve.  The Ask Vault article suggests feedback requests be very carefully worded and sent via email.  The article even provides phrasing suggestions.

Check out the full article here.  I recommend it!




By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director