13 Tips for a Perfect Phone Interview

Let’s face it.  Phone interviews can be awkward.  Nevertheless, they are a necessary part of today’s job search process.  You need to be prepared and ready.  The people at NetCredit developed a great infographic covering 13 tips for a perfect phone interview.  Tips range from pre-interview, during-interview, and post-interview best practices.  I’ve included a few samples from the “13 tips list” below:

(1) It pays to have a professional-sounding voice message pre-recorded on your phone.  (And make sure you regularly check and empty voice mails so that the caller does not get a “full mailbox” notice.)  (2) Make a “cheat sheet” of quick facts about the company to have on-hand for reference during the call. (3) Find a quiet area  and be seated and ready 10 minutes before the scheduled call.  (4) Switch off phone notifications, sounds, buzzers, etc. that may create unwanted distractions and noise during your call. (5) Keep a list of the job requirements, preference and responsibilities handy for reference during your call.  Be sure to refer to them as you explain your qualifications. 6) Have a pen and paper handy to jot down any notes or questions for later. (8) Sit up straight. Smile. (Believe it or not, a smile can reflect in your voice tone.) (9) Send a follow-up note. (10) Hold off sending a social media connection invitation.  That may seem too forward at this point.

And, you will find more tips and advice here.  Check it out!  Follow this great advice and you won’t need to worry about that phone interview anymore.

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director