The Consulting Interview “Uniform”

Our friends at Management Consulted recently shared an excellent blog post on secrets of consulting interview attire.   The writer worked with the professionals at Black Lapel to compile information for the post. I encourage you to read the full article.  In the meantime, here are a few key points: 

(1) Fit comes first.  A poor fit looks sloppy. “Looking sloppy signals a lack of concern for how you present yourself,” says Jenny Rae, Managing Director of our partner service, Management Consulted, adding “presenting is a key part of consulting, so it’s important to show that you care about how you present yourself when meeting with a client or a hiring manager.”

(2) Black is for funerals, not interviews. (at least for male candidates- women may have more leeway on this point).  In menswear, the black suit is more closely tied to a tuxedo than a business suit, whereas gray is considered more appropriate for business.

(3) The small stuff makes a big difference.  Don’t wear anything distracting. For women, don’t over-accessorize.  Keep the jewelry simple.   Remember, you don’t want to appear too “high  maintenance.”  For men, your tie can be a strong color but don’t let it overpower your look.  Shoes should be clean and scuff-free.

The article has many excellent tips for putting together an appropriate interview outfit.  Take time to read the full article.


By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director