New Resource, CAREERNOMICS, for MS Students

Mays Business School now hosts premium level access on CAREERNOMICS for specialty Masters students.  Student have access to detailed info on more than 500 Masters-level Leadership Development Programs.  The information is updated every two weeks.   Details on program structure includes the synthesis of each program: structure, duration, location, eligibility, work permits, and more.   The site provides comprehensive and global coverage with programs in every region and industry.  Students can also explore the more than 130 employers hosting these development programs.  Gain unique insights on each employer and how they recruit students at the masters level.  Learn about the company culture including the latest news, financials, current jobs for Masters candidates and key details and descriptions of the company.  Make connections with hiring managers and networking contacts in the organizations.  And, best of all, access thousands of quality and relevant Masters level jobs across industries and geographies.  These include both full-time and internship opportunities.

Access all this and more at  Use your TAMU email address to create your account and profile.

By Kim Austin
Kim Austin Director