10 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Define 2019


The cloud has changed everything.

It’s dramatically changed how IT professionals go about provisioning computing infrastructure – more often these days by typing in a credit card for immediate access to resources than ordering a shipment of data center gear.

It’s …

By Joseph Tsidulko
Joseph Tsidulko Senior Editor
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The Age of Analytics

analytics image

(See the full report from the McKinsey Global Institute here.)

Big data’s potential just keeps growing. Taking full advantage means companies must incorporate analytics into their strategic vision and use it to make better, faster decisions.

A report from the …

By McKinsey Global Institute
McKinsey Global Institute
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18 Books & Articles Every Tech-Bound MBA Needs to Read


Tech-bound MBA students often ask me for my favorite books and articles, especially as they pertain to these frequently asked questions:

INTRODUCTION TO ROLES  (What are the differences between product management & product marketing?)

By Lewis Lin
Lewis Lin Founder and CEO
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Hyland Veteran Programs


Hyland is a full service software company located in Cleveland, OH with a robust program for hiring, supporting and retaining veterans.  Click the graphic below to learn about their Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG) and opportunities for a career at …

By Desiree Wilson
Desiree Wilson Associate Director, Employer Services Profile Picture
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3 Product Manager Interview Types

The Financial Case Interview logo

Interest in Product Management roles at top technology companies like Amazon and Google is taking off. And it’s easy to see why: strong compensation packages, significant responsibility, great perks and an opportunity to ship products that will impact the lives of …

By Kenton Kivestu
Kenton Kivestu Founder and CEO
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