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Advice for International Students Interested in Consulting Roles

Marc Cosentino’s Advice for International Students Interested in Consulting Roles

I’ve advised thousands of international students pursuing careers in consulting. Most of these students initially wanted to work in the U.S. before returning to their home countries. While many were …

By Marc Cosentino
Marc Cosentino Founder and CEO
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Cover Letter to Interest Employers – Get Some Positive Points Before the Interview

According to statistical surveys, it takes the time of 6 seconds for many of the hiring managers to consider the resume. How do you assess your chances of getting a job quickly? Do you believe that there is an effective …

By James Allender
James Allender
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Building a Bigger and Better Network

The fastest way to advance your career is by learning the art of networking. Here are some great  tips from our friends at Vault. You can check out the full article by clicking here. 

By Sarah David
Sarah David Associate Director & Career Coach
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The New Hiring Practices at McKinsey and Goldman Sachs

Have you ever stopped to think how absurd recruiting is? You meet a company for a total of two hours or at most two days and then youand the companybasically have to decide if you want to enter a …

By Stephanie Denning
Stephanie Denning Forbes Contributor
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JPMorgan’s Investment Bank is Scrapping On-Campus Visits in Favor of Video Interviews and Online Games

(Shared from Business Insider article dated 20 March 2019)
No longer coming to a school near you.

JPMorgan Chase’s investment bank, one of the largest in the world, is scrapping the annual college-recruiting visits that have launched generations of investment …

By Dakin Campbell
Dakin Campbell
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How MBA Students are Using Artificial Intelligence to Land Jobs

(Editor’s Note:  The Mays Business School Career Management Center offers both VMock and 12Twenty resources- services mentioned in the article below- to students in the MBA and MS programs!)
Robots could wipe out many jobs, but MBA students are using …

By Seb Murray
Seb Murray
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7 Tips for Successfully Closing MBA Summer Internships

A career coach, b-school student, graduate, and official offer their advice on best and worst practices.

(A US article written by Menachem Wecker, Staff Writer)

AS THEIR SUMMER internships wind down, MBA students can learn a lesson from Ernest Thayer’s 1888 …

By Menachem Wecker
Menachem Wecker Staff Writer
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What Not to Say During Salary Negotiations

(Shared from the Daniel Bortz article on Monster. com)

Finally, after making it through a grueling interview process you receive that job offer you’ve been gunning for all along. Still, there’s one more hurdle to cross, and that’s salary negotiation.

By Daniel Bortz
Daniel Bortz Monster Contributor
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3 Tips for Surviving a One-Way Video Interview

(By Kaitlin McManus, 22 March 2019, for the Vault blog)

Burgeoning bankers beware—recruiting techniques continue to shift towards the electronic. Financial services giant JPMorgan announced that it will be drastically cutting down its presence at college career fairs and will be moving …

By Kaitlin McManus
Kaitlin McManus
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Top 10 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

(This post was written by Melisa Balestri-Eassey was shared from Big Interview.)

You may be familiar with some of these issues – others may surprise you because very few interviewers are willing to share honest feedback with candidates. In Part 2, …

By Melisa Balestri-Eassey
Melisa Balestri-Eassey
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